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What is ECU

All modern car’s use a computer (Electronic control unit) to run the engine. The ECU has a set of calibrations from the factory which can be altered/changed to get the most from your car in terms of performance, economy and improve your overall driving experience. This helps you to save money on your fuel costs over the years of ownership. While tuning a car for optimal performance may sound complicated to many, well it is not. Remapping / ECU tuning is when the settings of a car’s ECU is altered to improve several areas of the vehicle’s performance. By overwriting the existing calibration with a new calibration, the tuner can re-programme the ECU to manage the fuel injection, airflow, Spark Ignition etc., (within legal limitations).

Our Services

Stage 1

What is Stage 1 Tuning? Stage 1 includes performance remaps that don’t require any hardware upgrade.

Stage 2

What is Stage 2 tuning? Stage 2 performance remapping is utilizing the car's turbo/supercharger's maximum. Most cases need an after market air filter and a performance downpipe (decat/racecat)

Stage 3

What is stage 3 Tuning? Stage 3 performance tuning needs a upgraded turbo/supercharger with supporting mods such as performance downpipe, airintake, larger intercooler etc.,

Reliability is our motto

We guarantee that your car’s engine will continue to run as reliable as it was before the remap. Even our most extreme builds have been running flawlessly since day 1 over the years. Not to mention they are daily driven. We can proudly say that they have been running without failures.

1. Drivability Tune

For Improved drivability and better throttle response

2. ECO tune

For better drivability with added fuel efficiency.                      

3 . Powerized tune

For maximum utilization of your engine’s hidden potential.